Our Mission

Hamilton Veterinary Services LLC (HVS) provides comprehensive integrative veterinary medical care through house call visits.  HVS focuses on combining western and eastern medicine to better benefit patients via preventative care as well as disease management.  

Serving Washington D.C. & Areas of Northern VA 


Dr. Hamilton is the kind of vet that you find once in a lifetime. We have been going to her for years with all of our various pets and the care she gives always goes above and beyond. I am a helicopter pet parent, so I am pickier about the vet we use for our pets than I am human doctors for myself! I was thrilled when Dr. Hamilton opened her new mobile practice. Because of the pandemic, we don’t attend the vet visit but Dr. Hamilton texts photos and updates and then give a follow-up call, so we know everything that happened. We highly recommend Dr. Hamilton for all of your veterinary needs! She will take incredible care of your pets!

- Claudine

Dr. Hamilton has been caring for our 14- and 13-year-old labs - “the boys” -for several years. Her wholistic approach to therapy has given them a substantially improved quality of life as they navigate the challenges of being older and having increasing mobility issues. As a result of the acupuncture and other complementary therapies from Dr. Hamilton, the boys continue to enjoy 30-45 min walks in Rock Creek, often more energetically than their substantially younger owners. Dr. Hamilton has an exceptionally caring bedside manner, and the boys are always excited to see her. She calms even the squiggliest of the two into Zen calm. We highly recommend Dr. Hamilton for her expertise and exceptional dedication to the care of animals.

- David and Claude

Dr. Hamilton cared for our senior dog through injuries, mast cell disease, and cancer, through both conventional veterinary care as well as acupuncture. We trusted her completely to help us make treatment decisions that furthered our goal to make him comfortable and ensure good quality of life. Now we have a puppy, and Dr. Hamilton has been amazing, making sure he gets the best start in life. Since we adopted our puppy during a pandemic, we especially appreciate her house call services, which she performs safely on our patio.

- Cory and Ty

I first contacted "Vet Meg" in July 2020, because our 13-year old cattle-dog, Lucky, was becoming less and less mobile. Over time he had gained weight and his joints were stiff, especially his back legs, limiting his mobility even further. After his very first acupuncture session, Lucky's whole demeanor changed - he was friskier and brighter-eyed! By his third session, Lucky could trot around the block. And after a half-dozen sessions, our Lucky-boy was walking further and faster than he had for months! Vet Meg quickly became Lucky's "best buddy" – wonderfully attuned to Lucky's physical symptoms and treating him holistically. I trusted Vet Meg unconditionally for her knowledge, expertise, integrity, and compassion. Although Lucky passed away suddenly in late December, he was happy and playful until the end – because of Vet Meg. And for that, I am grateful.

- Robin

My 4-legged child has been seeing Dr. Hamilton since December 2018 (initially, for bi-weekly acupuncture, and then weekly acupuncture starting in July 2020). I can be quite the "helicopter parent," and my now 15-year-old pup can be a bit persnickety. But my pup has loved Dr. Hamilton from the very first session. And it's more than clear that Dr. Hamilton loves my pup in return. Dr. Hamilton is beyond attentive and responsive. She will take the time to answer questions as well as to ask questions, which isn't always the case when doctors are busy. For over two years now, Dr. Hamilton has treated my pup as a treasured member of the family, giving her the best care possible as she advances in age. I'm beyond grateful to the friend who recommended Dr. Hamilton, and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Hamilton to anyone else. Dr. Hamilton is a true gem.

- Jen

A brown healthy cat
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